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31 July 1972
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I am 35 years old and live in St. Paul, Minnesota. It took me a long time, but finally graduated from St. Cloud State University with a BA in psychology. After being told that I would never finish my degree by my family, I managed to proove them wrong. Currently, I am in treatment for severe depression, dissociative disorder, ADD, and diabetes. Last week I started seeing a new MD for my diabetes. He seems to be more thorough than the one I have been seeing. The diabetes is out of control once again. I got all of those meds increased and time changes.

Mr Stripes died in May, and it has really crushed me. I have a new hamster now, whose name is Furby. Furby is much crazier than Stripes and he is a lot more active.

My grandmother turned 90 in July. I am still amazed that she is still living on her own and extremely healthy. She is only taking one medication.